Who we are

Established in 1992 Productos Alimenticios Santillana S.A. is a Colombian company dedicated to the elaboration of Condensed Milk, Dulce de Leche/Milk Caramel Spread and the distribution of products for the bakery and pastry shops.

We are known for the quality, flavor, standardization and texture of our products. Moreover for our excellent customer service, technical profesional support and constant development of our customers. All these together make us a national and international competitive company, in markets such us the U.S.A, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  

We started producing only Milk Caramel Spread, from 2.003 we decided to expand our portfolio of products to all the bakery and confectionary industry. Following this idea we started representing renowned companies from North America, Asia and Europe.

It is no doubt we are a company compromised with the future. We constantly invest in techlogy, we take new business opportunities, we believe in our people and promote their development .

Day by day we work hard in order that trasmit our succes to our clients.

Let us be your strategic parther in business and this way keep growing together.